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The Experience





You already know me.  

I am the one you tell your secrets to.  The one you have known all your life, even if we have just met.  You will be relaxed in my presence. I am honest, straight forward, calm and caring, but don’t underestimate my ability to bring my A game to the table.  I can take complete control or let you lead the way.

I am a mature BBW.

I am curvy, sexual, sensual, confident, fun loving, and easy to get along with.  I know how to make you feel like I am your girlfriend for a moment in time.

I love people.

I do not discriminate against race, age, gender, weight, or any other specific that you can think of.  I believe people, in general, all need human intimacy, and I believe in the power of human connection.  I provide an unbiased interaction that lets us connect virtually on whatever level you are seeking.

In this very moment, you are king…


Your personal journey is guided by your imagination, desire, and your ability to love who you are now. There is no final destination. Be in the moment, love in the moment.  




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