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I have been a swinger for most of my life. I have always loved using the camera to film my adventures for personal use. I mean why not, it's hard to find good swinger porn with real people that you can actually see yourself doing in real life. Imagine my delight when I found Onlyfans. All my earlier filming was useless due to laws and consent so I set out on a mission to recreate all the naughty explicit things I could. That in itself was a whole new adventure not to mention a learning curve of how to make the best content, the best angles, the best lighting, and to keep my dirty mind within the terms of service for the site.

I have been making content for Onlyfans for three years so I am not going anywhere if you subscribe. I am still learning and evolving. I am bisexual and love the ladies as much as the guys when it comes to sex. I like to spoil and make someone the center of attention just as much as I like to be spoiled and be made the center of attention myself. This makes my page a bit different from others because it is not all about me me me, but truly about the swinging lifestyle itself (lots of sex!). Don't worry though, if you are cumming just for me, I am always there!

Doing Onlyfans has taken swinging to a whole new level for me. I have filmed with all types of people from the locals to friends that fly in from all over. Recently, I did an amazing shoot with a friend who flew from over 3000 miles away and we filmed mind-blowing content to share with you on my page. Including four girls playing together, four girls one guy scenes you could picture yourself in, some awesome one-on-one, some spoofs and behind-the-scenes footage, and also we did three live shows on our pages while she was here.

My favorite thing to offer on my page is video calls one-on-one with you. I love getting off with you, watching you get off, and getting to know you personally. Because it's my favorite, I designed a whole menu for video calls that doesn't break your bank. If that is not your thing, I get it and I welcome you to just come in the front door to watch my sexy erotic hot content!

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***all performers in this ad and in content posted on online platforms are age-verified and have given legal written consent for publishing images and videos