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---I love regularly spending time with my friends I meet in this fascinating business.---

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Respect is the number one rule for me. If all people would respect and love one another we could achieve world peace. For those moments that you step into my world, I expect love and respect. Respect my home, my life, my choices, and my privacy. I will do the same for you. I am a real person. I am educated and professional and I am here by choice because I love what I do. My apologies to those of you that don't need to be told, but basic social skills are required.



I will not discuss specific sexual acts or fetishes with you on the phone or thru text. Your donation is only for my time and companionship.  I do not sell sex, and sex acts are in no way promised or implied by me or this website.  If there is a connection during our time together, we may touch, kiss and/or cuddle. I believe in human touch and I believe skin on skin contact is very important. There is some possibility that things could become intimate in time. I am human, I can get a little frisky. If this occurs, it is between you and I and is not contracted for a fee in any way, at all, at any time.



Texting:  Texting seems to be the preferred method of communication these days. I am on board with that idea, however, we will need to speak on the phone prior to our meeting.  Please, if we do text, do not say anything in a text that you would not say directly to my face. Hiding behind your phone to be vulgar and rude is not acceptable. Have some class and remember my number one rule: Respect.


I require that you have a real phone number that is registered somewhere under your real name. I realize being anonymous is important to you, but you need to respect my need for safety. I promise to never use any of your information to harm you or infringe on your privacy. I will never contact you first unless you have specifically requested me to do so. I am here for fun. I want you to have fun too.


People most commonly want to talk about sexy things and ask questions about my preferences or future dates. This is not a conversation I will have with you before we meet. We can schedule our time together and figure out the rest as we get to know each other in person. See my FAQs page for more personal information on my preferences.




I normally dress in lingerie and play music in the background. I am a touchy-feely person by nature. I believe that skin on skin touch is the ultimate need we all share in life.  I am an easy person to talk to, and most everyone is immediately comfortable in my presence.  I tend to connect naturally with people.  


I always take time and care to get ready for our date. My expectation of you would be similar. If you have to come to meet me straight from work, the gym, the beach, or some other scenario, you are welcome to freshen up or even shower here when you arrive, just ask. I might even want to assist you. (wink wink)


I can not make any promises or guarantees about our time together. Each and every encounter is as different and individual as you are, depending on personality and chemistry. I tend to make most people feel relaxed and safe. I am very genuine and loving. Please do not come with a checklist of things to do. I prefer to let our time together take a natural course. It is about what can naturally occur between you and me in a seamless and unrehearsed fashion. Lists of expectations tend to make things more mechanical and causes pressure that disturbs the natural flow. As we become friends we can explore your thoughts and dreams together in a comfortable and uninhibited progression. Don't be surprised, as I am usually pretty good at following body language and hints. It kind of makes it a fun game not knowing where things will lead.


I expect the same discretion from you that you can expect from me. Please do not ever show up here unannounced or share personal or intimate details of our time together, including reviews! A good review would seem to help in this industry, however, personal or intimate details are not required to put in a good word. Show a little class and respect and I will treat you accordingly. If you wish to validate me or leave a testimonial for me to display on my website, please feel free to email me. There is no limit to length or required information, just be tasteful. I may display it in its entirety or just simple quotes. Your identity is always protected.



Please keep texting and phone calls on the subject of scheduling our time together.  If you mention sex or the conversation becomes explicit in any way, I will end it immediately and the opportunity for us to spend time together will be gone. For your safety and mine, this is not negotiable.  Also as a courtesy, please refrain from asking personal questions about my life, as you are still a complete stranger to me. This is also for my safety.   

I am available around the clock when I am working, but I am not always working.  Please do not take this personally.  When I spend time with my family and friends, I do not answer the phone. I take discretion seriously, for you and for me.

I may not be able to answer the phone if I am in a public place to protect your privacy. If you call and get a reply text from me, understand that I cannot talk on the phone at that moment.  Please text me back or try calling me again at least a half hour later.

I will never answer my phone during our time together. 




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